Cardomanagement Real Estate LLC


Cardomanagement provide its clients with the highest standards of professionalism, international & domestic Real Estate experience and offers the most efficient and reliable property management and brokerage services.

Cardomanagement has a full complement of real estate consulting services to help their clients whether they are selling or purchasing properties.

We partner with developers, builders, lenders and investors. Once the property is secured under contract, we do our due diligence and prepare a market research analysis showing the competition in the area of the property, the recent sales and the presently listed properties for sale on the open market. This gives us a range of profit margins and length of time for the sales. This report allows the purchaser a chance to review his investment as well as have the data he needs to pursue financing or partnerships. We have found this method very successful in assisting solvent real estate transactions, whether the purchase is a small 20 unit condominium building, a 600 unit property or a gated community that encompasses several acres.

When you are purchasing a building or development that is ready to be marketed to the general public - we are there for you

We at Cardomanagement are here to be of service and we are a full service company.  

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