Cardomanagement Real Estate LLC

Property Management

Cardomanagement's property management professionals work closely with landlords, developing customized programs that sustain high levels of occupancy and tenant satisfaction, while lowering property costs and enhancing the value of the property.

Our believes in providing systems with cutting edge technology and innovative systems to track and communicate all work orders, telephone calls, emails, problems, client requests, etc. from start to finish. All telephone calls to the on-site or main office are answered by our staff who input the request, issue or problem into our database which is then automatically forwarded to the appropriate individual(s) for completion. When your Property Manager is out of the office, calls are forwarded to the office staff.  All systems are on line and can be securely accessed via the Internet.  Communications and follow up are clear and easy to track on these systems.  

These systems also provide easy communication for the residents in an informative manner such as, building events, personal and a building calendar, amenities, message board, classified, sales, rentals, board members information and on line payments. These systems also allow other options that can be added by the board or residents for simpler ways to contact the building staff. For example, ordering a car in the garage to be ready at a special time or reserving the hospitality room for a party.


You will receive the most important services for your property from one hand.

We offer competitive rates for all types of management and maintenance, including: 


  • building operations and maintenance
  • vendor and contract negotiation
  • project oversight
  • quality control
  • janitorial, mechanical and landscaping Services


  • acts as an agent for the association, implements directives and policies for the board
  • screening, hiring,training, supervision, development of performance benchmarks and performance evaluation of all on-site employees.
  • rental services and showings
  • collection of fees
  • provides administrative oversight:Cash flow analysis, proforma analysis and financial modeling
  • supervises maintenance and operational services
  • accounting: Payment of Association bills, Payroll, Assessment collection


  • reporting to the owners/ association incl. exit strategies


    • weekly cleaning
    • special event preparation or clean-up
    • move-out/move-in
    • commercial spaces
    • and more!

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    We believe the only way we can maximize your investment is to be pro-active in our management and services for you by always being alert and ready for problems that may occur. We  are constantly seeking ways to improve our management for you through information, technology, projects and intelligent decision making keeping in mind that each property is different and that is how our team will approach our commitment to you.